Lady Unveiled:

Catharine Greene Miller 



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During a compelling life that took her from Rhode Island to Cumberland Island, GA, Kitty Greene broke the bondage of tradition.  Married to the legendary General Nathanael Greene, this controversial, independent woman charmed and inspired living icons: Benjamin Franklin, George and Martha Washington, Henry and Lucy Knox, “Mad” Anthony Wayne and others through the tumultuous times surrounding the Revolutionary War.

Faced with challenges that would unnerve a less resourceful woman, Kitty made a name for herself.  A churning mass of contradictions—beautiful, elegant and intelligent—she also made meaningful contributions to ongoing political discussions led by her husband and his friends.  Drawn to the company of men at social gatherings, Kitty was slandered for bending the rules of propriety.  Yet this enabled her to be instrumental in the development of the age’s most remarkable invention, the cotton gin.  Because of the limitations of her era, she took no credit, giving Eli Whitney all rights of invention.  Founding Mother Catharine Greene Miller's irrepressible spirit and influence altered the history of America.

Pamela Bauer Mueller’s gift, and perhaps her legacy, is to breathe life into historical figures like Kitty and their contemporaries. In her books, these people speak to you. You are privy to their private thoughts. You share their shortcomings, their failures, and their successes. Besides being a fascinating read, this is a well-researched and written book. RECOMMENDED by the USR
—Donna Ford, US Review of Books

Pamela Bauer Mueller has written another excellent historical novel, this time honoring a little-known patriot wife. Mueller did not have to invent an exciting life for her character, since has skillfully unveiled Lady Greene, the loving wife of a Revolutionary War hero.
—Stephen Doster, Award Winning Author

Pamela Mueller is an expert at portraying strong, challenging and well-researched characters.  She delivers magnificently with Kitty Greene—one of our own.
—Thomas Casey Greene - Great-great-great-great nephew of Nathanael Greene

Entertaining and well-researched, Ms. Mueller brings Kitty Littlefield Greene, one of America’s oft-forgotten Founding Patriots, vividly to life through her skillful storytelling.
—David M. Procaccini, President of the Gen. Nathanael Greene Homestead Association

I absolutely loved Lady Unveiled! The story captivated me and is beautifully told. It's evident that a great deal of hard work went into researching this memorable book--and as a history buff I felt rewarded to learn more about lives during Revolutionary times--yet not every author could keep the reader’s attention so aptly. Ms. Mueller’s images are fresh, her words flow smoothly, and I totally enjoyed the ride.
P.J. Shaw/Author of “Voices: Reflections on an American Icon Through Words and Song”

Fascinating book! A very interesting and informative read about the life of a remarkable woman, Kitty Greene, the wife of Nathanael Greene. This book explores the trials of the Revolutionary War, the impact this event had on relationships, the struggles of a country to make sense of a trying time, and the dynamics of parents and children from childhood to adulthood. It is filled with vivid descriptions and amazing anecdotes of the life this couple shared "till death do them part." If you enjoy historical fiction of a remarkable pioneer women, Lady Unveiled is a must read for you!
Cassandra Coveney

Lady Unveiled was thoroughly enjoyable. Ms. Mueller’s intense research provided the reader with such an accurate account of the climate in which the heroine resided. This is a romantic novel coupled with a lesson in early American history. I was totally absorbed. Bravo to the writer. Pamela Bauer Mueller.
Estelle Greco

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2013 Great Southeast Book Festival Winner in the Regional Literature category!

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2012 January Lady Banks (SIBA) pick of the week for January 18-25.

In Pamela's newest historical novel, she shares the dramatic lives and culture of the colonists in pre-American Revolution days through the eyes of Eliza Lucas Pinckney.

With extraordinary courage, skill and grit, seventeen year old Eliza Lucas brought wealth to the south shortly before the American Revolution.   She was the first colonist to successfully cultivate the indigo plant and produce its blue dye: a veritable money maker for England.  Remarkably, she achieved this working within the enormous constraints faced by colonial women, making her mark on the agricultural industry, southern society and the Crown of England.


“Once again, with keenness of insight and perception previously unrevealed in historical novels of  this period, Pamela Bauer Mueller provides us with an enlightening glimpse into the world of an exceptional woman in colonial America. Eliza Lucas Pinckney’s story offers an illuminating awareness of the unique culture of indigo planting, while also presenting an intimate perspective of everyday life in colonial Charles Town and its low country environs. Not only is this an educational story of a remarkable 18th century woman with extraordinary courage, skill and grit, but it is also an absolute delight to read!”—Buddy Sullivan, Coastal Georgia Historian, Award Winning Author



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2006/2008/2009 Georgia Author of the Year Pamela Bauer Mueller was raised in Oregon and graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She worked as a flight attendant for Pan American Airlines before moving to Mexico City where she lived for eighteen years.  Pamela is bicultural as well as bilingual.  She has worked as a model, actress, and an English and Spanish language instructor during her years in Mexico. After returning to the United States, Pamela worked for twelve years as a U.S. Customs Inspector.

After working six years in San Diego, California, she was selected to work a foreign assignment in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Pamela took an early retirement from U.S. Customs to follow her husband Michael, who received an instructor position at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick, Georgia.  They reside on Jekyll Island, Georgia with their cats Sukey Spice and Morgan Maurice.  Pamela completed The Kiska Trilogy, Hello, Goodbye, I Love You, Neptune's Honor, An Angry Drum Echoed, Aloha Crossing, Splendid Isolation and the newly Water To My Soul in Georgia.


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