Pamela Bauer Mueller would love to visit your school and talk about her books. Pamela gives the children the chance to see an author as "a real person." Too often, children read books and never meet the creator of the book or the source of the ideas. Having an author speak to a class can open the students' eyes to the possibility of using their talents in a way not previously imagined.

After the teacher has shared one of the books with the class, Pamela will speak with the students and share adventures and antics. Each classroom session allows the children the opportunity to ask questions, learn about the various cultures depicted in the books, and gain an understanding of the author's creative process.

Pamela's Visiting Author Program is ideal for grades K through 12. She is happy to suggest ideas to administrators for assisting teachers in preparation for the visiting author session.

"I was already impressed that we were going to meet an author of historical novels, but when I heard Mrs. Mueller speak, her being an author was not as impressive as her story telling.  Mrs. Mueller held our teen students attention the entire time she spoke.  Her mannerisms and stories kept our students so engaged in the lecture.  Mrs. Mueller is not only a talented author, but an excellent speaker.  I would recommend her for any audience."  Becky Alford, Teacher, South Effingham High School, Guyton, GA

"The first opportunity I had to hear Pamela speak was in 2007. She was the last COMO conference speaker and we attendees were session-ed out and tired, but Pamela, in her trademark welcoming and lively speaking style presented her then recently published book: "Neptune's Honor," a Civil War era novel recounting the real and imagined life of Neptune Small, a St. Simons Island plantation slave. In minutes, she had the whole room captivated and enthralled by her research into this true and remarkable young slave's story. Pamela isn't just a speaker, she is a gifted story teller with the power to weave facts and fiction together about little-known, but important historical figures. Five historical novels later, I still sit in her audience listening with rapt attention.

On a recent visit to our school, one U.S. History teacher wrote: "Ms. Pamela Mueller brought to life important people in U.S. history. We discussed Eliza Pinckney, Catharine Greene Miller, George Washington, amd Neptune Small as well as the topic of slavery. Ms. Mueller uses primary and secondary sources as an intricate part of her studies...and her extensive research taught us so much! All my students were engaged and asked thought-provoking questions. She is an excellent writer and speaker!" Another teacher commented, "I was impressed that Ms. Mueller was a writer of historical novels, but when I heard her speak, I was even more impressed by her storytelling abilities...Her mannerisms and stories kept our students engaged in the lecture...I would recommend her as a speaker for any audience!" One of the students commented: "I had no idea that George Washington liked to dance! Also, I did not realize how people back in that time lived their lives until Ms. Pamela started talking about Neptune's Honor and brought him to life! I really want to read this book now!"  Catherine Olivier, Media Specialist, South Effingham High School, Guyton, GA

"We had a fabulous visit with our author-she was an entertainer-very well spoken, kept the students captivated and engaged.  The eighth grade students were on fire after spending an hour with her.  She has been our favorite author so far.  Pamela really made you want to read the rest of her books that she has written.  Pamela left us with a list and a correlation to the A/R point system."  Sandy Catto, reading coach, Yulee Middle School, Yulee FL

"Mrs. Mueller's books reach a wide, multicultural audience and also educate readers about important topics and historical events. Pamela's personality is magnetic and her speaking style is engaging. These strengths combined to make each of her six presentations over a three-day period at CLMS enjoyable and educating for our more than 1300 students. She also provided small-group writing workshops for each grade level, which informed and inspired many of the future authors in our school."
Mark Zeiler, 8th grade Language Arts Teacher, Corner Lake Middle School, Orlando, FL

"I loved your enthusiasm and creativity. You just didn't walk in with a sheet of paper and read to us in a monotone; you were really into it. Neptune's Honor was a great novel and I learned a lot of local history. Signing Splendid Isolation for my older brother makes it a perfect gift. Thank you ever so much!"
Sixth grade student, Brunswick, GA

"Your stories have helped me believe that I can be almost anything I want to be."
Middle School student, Brunswick, GA

Every single student I asked named you as their favorite presenter of the day, because they connected with everything you were saying. Thank you for sharing with them and inspiring them - and the rest of us as well. We will be talking about your presentations for a long time to come.” - Tynley Baker-Librarian/Highlands School, Birmingham, AL

 “In a search for an author to visit our school, I was looking for someone who could speak effectively to students from grades kindergarten through eighth grade.  I needed someone who ders and inspire them as writers.  Pamela fit the bill!  Besides making her books come alive with pictures and background anecdotes, she provided a 'mini-writers workshop' for the older students.  It was a delightfucould excite them as real way to celebrate the art of language with our students.  Many thanks to Pam."  Janet Alonso/Robbins School Foundation, Robbins, CA

Pamela comments: "In May of this year, I had the great fortune to visit Robbins Elementary, a rural school in California.  Many of the students wrote me lovely thank-you letters afterward.  Sadly, I cannot include all of their letters.  Their enthusiasm and honesty touched me deeply.  I would like to share a few comments with you:


            “I was amazed by Neptune Small's bravery.  I can't imagine living in a time like the Civil War.  The 'show-not-tell' lesson was very helpful for me because you taught me more about imagery and writing tips.”

            Sincerely, Madysen Rioux 


            “Neptune's Honor came alive like a movie as it fell from your lips to our eager, anticipated ears.  I felt like I was there in rural Georgia during the Civil War.  Inspiration washed over me like an ocean wave.  Thanks again!”

            Sincerely, Cheyenne Farmer 


            “Para mi en lo personal quiero decirle que el libro Neptune's Honor es us libro interesante y al leer la primera página, fue el principio de una gran historia.”

            Gracias por darnos su tiempo, Yoselin Perez Sierra 


           “The faces lit up in fascination as you walked into the room.  We usually don't have people visit us from out of state because we are such a little school.  You brought smiles to our faces while telling the story of Neptune's Honor."

            Sincerely, Tanner Petersen

7th and 8th graders also write me. Here are two letters from St. Francis Xavier School students in Brunswick, GA:

           “"I loved reading Neptune's Honor. There were parts that made me laugh and some that made me cry. One thing I don't understand though is how you did so much research. I can't even research enough to write a two page essay before quitting yet you researched enough to write novels! All the research you put into your novels is what makes them so enjoyable. You are an outstanding author and I really hope you continue to use your talent."
            Maddie Barnes (8th grade) 


I always thought fictional books were the best kind to read until I read Neptune's Honor. I noticed how passionately you spoke about writing, which inspired me to write more often. I wish you the best in your continuous career as an author and am glad that I had the chance to meet you in person."
            Sarah Durham (7th grade) 



Although children's and young adult books are categorized for certain grade levels by the reviewers, the following books are enjoyed by children of all ages, including adults! Some of our greatest reading pleasure comes from children's books!

  • Grades K-6: The Bumpedy Road, Rain City Cats and Eight Paws to Georgia (The Kiska Trilogy)
  • Grades 3-8: Hello, Goodbye, I Love You; Aloha Crossing
  • Grades 5-12: Neptune's Honor
  • Grades 5-12: An Angry Drum Echoed
Parent, Teacher and Community workshops are also available.



The length of presentations varies with the audience's ages. Pamela usually presents programs ranging from 30-60 minutes. Bi-lingual programs may run longer.


Pamela has presented programs to audiences of all sizes. If presented in a large library or auditorium, she can accommodate up to 125-150 students at each presentation.


"Everyone at the school had nothing but good things to say about your visit. The teachers couldn't believe how focused the students were during your presentation. You did a good job of keeping the presentation moving and not letting the kids get bored."
Cindy Hensley, Media specialist Stephens County Middle School, Toccoa, GA

The presentations are tailored to different age groups, and I weave information, storytelling and research into all of them. My vision is to inspire the students to enjoy reading and learn writing skills. We all have a book in us! Some programs include PowerPoint slides. All assemblies can be conducted in Spanish, English or a combination of both.


For Educators/Librarians

  • Helping Your Students Develop Writing Skills
  • The Art of Enthusiastic Writing: Bringing Out Every Child's Story
  • Historical Fiction With a Twist
For Local Community Audiences
  • From Local Legend to Novel: How Neptune's Story Found Print 100 Years Later.
For Authors and Writers
  • Marketing With Wit and Enthusiasm: Now you're published? What's next? Your success is up to you!
  • Successful Independent Publishing: You Can Own Your Books and Keep the $$!


Pamela will work with each organization in regard to her honorarium. Her normal fee per day for an Author's Visit or Workshop is $400 to $600 (plus travel/lodging expenses). Evening presentations are available for an additional $250 when booked in conjunction with a day program. All programs can be presented in Spanish and English, or a combination of both.


A grant may assist you in booking Pamela for a visit. Pamela is a member of the Georgia Writers' Registry and funding can be obtained through the Literary Event Grants of Georgia
for events in Georgia.


1. A microphone, preferably one that can be removed from the stand 2. A table for the books 3. A glass of water 4. Optional: a projector and large screen to project a power-point presentation (selected programs)


Pamela offers a discount for all books sold to the students in conjunction with her author visits. All books can be pre-ordered through the School Visit Book Order Form
on this website. Educators should send this order form home with the students two weeks before the presentation, and again the day before. After each presentation, the child will bring the order sheet with his/her name, and Pamela will autograph the books. For pre-orders, the books can be mailed to the school in advance already autographed. The event coordinator must receive payment for all pre-orders before books are mailed.

For large book sales, we recommend that autographed requests be forwarded to Pamela in advance, Pamela will sign the books in advance to allow more time for personal interaction with the students on the day of the visit.

Also, contact Pamela for classroom sets discounted at 25% off the retail price.

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