Awards and Honors for "The Sky Is My Home" 

2023 Los Angeles Book Festival Winner in the Young Adult category!

2023 Los Angeles Book Festival Runner-up in the Wild Card category!

Awards and Honors for "Fly, Fly Away" 

2021 Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorite in the Young Adult Fiction category!

2021 Book Excellence Award Finalist in the Multicultural Fiction category! 

2020 New York Book Festival Winner in the Young Adult category! 

2020 San Francisco Book Festival Winner in the Young Adult category!

2020 Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention in the Young Adult category! 

Awards and Honors for "A Shadow of Hope"

2018 Great Southeast Book Festival Winner in the Regional Literature category!

2018 Eric Hoffer Award National Finalist in the Young Adult category!

2018 San Francisco Book Festival Winner in the Wild Card category!

2018 San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention in the Young Adult category! 

2018 Eric Hoffer Award National Finalist in the Young Adult category!

2018 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist in the Faction category!

Awards and Honors for "Lady Unveiled"

2014 Great Southeast Book Festival Winner in the Regional Literature category!

2014 San Francisco Book Festival Winner in the Wild Card category!

2014 New York Book Festival Winner in the Young Adult category!

2014 New England Book Festival Runner-Up in the Regional Literature category!

Awards and Honors for "Water To My Soul"

2013 Southern California Book Festival Winner in the Wild Card category.

2013 Great Southeast Book Festival Winner in the Regional Literature category!

2012 January Lady Banks (SIBA) pick of the week for January 18-25.

2012 New England Book Festival Honorable Mention in the Wild Card category!

2012 Green Book Festival Winner in the Wild Card category!

2012 San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention Award  in the History category.

Awards and Honors for "Splendid Isolation"

2011 National Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist in the Historical Fiction category.

2011 Award of the Order of the South as bestowed by the Southern Academy of Letters, Arts & Sciences for outstanding service and extraordinary contributions to education, research, literature and the history of the Golden Isles.

2010 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Finalist in the Fiction - Historical category.

2010 New England Book Festival Runner-up in the Wild Card category.

2010 USA Book News Best Book Award Finalist in the Biography: Historical category.

2010 SIBA Book Award Long List Nominee for non-fiction.

Awards and Honors for "Aloha Crossing"

2009 Georgia Author of the Year Award in the Middle Reader Category. 

2009 Independent Publisher's "IPPY" Gold Medal winner in the category of Juvenile/Young Adult fiction.  

2009  Mom's Choice Gold Recipient  in the Juvenile Inspirational/Motivational category.

2008  USA Book News Best Book Award Finalist in the Children's Educational category.

Awards and Honors for "An Angry Drum Echoed"

2009  Mom's Choice Gold Recipient in the Young Adult Historical Fiction category.

2008 Georgia Author of the Year Award in the Young Adult Category.

Honorable Mention in the 2008 Writers’ Digest 16th Annual International Independent Book Awards  

2008 Silver Medal Winner!  Independent Publisher Book Awards South East Regional Fiction category.

2008 ForeWord Magazine's  "Book of the Year Award"  Historical Fiction Finalist.

2008  Southern Independent Book Sellers Alliance (SIBA) Book Award nominee.

Screenplay Awards and Honors for the drama "Neptune's Honor" (adaptation by Larry W. Thomas)

Las Vegas Black Film Festival – 2020 – Top Five Finalist

Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival -2020- Semi-Finalist

Freedom Festival – 2020 – Semi-Finalist

New York Screenplay Awards – 2020 – Quarter Finalist

Queen Palm International Film Fest -2020 – Award Winner

Urban Media Makers – 2020 – Official Selection

Northeast Mountain Film Festival -2020- Official Selection

Georgia Film Shorts – 2019 – Finalist

Book Awards and Honors for "Neptune's Honor"

2009 Nashville Book Festival Winner in the Teenage/Young Adult Category

2008 Mom's Choice Awards Finalist (Silver:  Historical Fiction) in the Young Adult book Category.

2006 Winner Georgia Author of the Year Awards - Children's/Young Adult Literature. 

2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards "IPPY" Finalist in the Multicultural Children's Category. 

Awards and Honors for "Hello, Goodbye, I Love You"

2012 We sold the Japanese language translation rights for Hello, Goodbye, I Love You to Sanyo Shuppan in Tokyo.  Pretty exciting for our independent micro-press.  Hopefully Aloha Crossing is next!

2008 Mom's Choice Awards Finalist (Silver: Fiction) in the Juvenile Level 2 (ages 9-12) book category. 

2008 Zaner-Bloser will use excerpts from "Hello, Goodbye, I Love You" in the Pupil's Edition and Teacher's Edition of its "Voices:  Identity Awareness" project which is scheduled for publication in May, 2008.

2007 Harcourt Assessment and the Florida State Department of Education will use portions of "Hello, Goodbye, I Love You" in the new version of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT).

2005-2006 Young Readers' Choice Selection - Schaumburg Township District Library.

2004 Children's Choice as selected by the International Reading Association - Children's Book Council.

2003 Dog Writer's Association of America Special Category Finalist for the Merial Human Bond Award.

Reviews and Editorials for "Lady Unveiled"

A beautiful sense of place throughout the book. Ms. Mueller is masterful at painting scenery with well-chosen phrasing. Gorgeous imagery. The elegant dialogue of that era is authentic and natural. A great historic walk through a woman's tale of strength, great love, and an "inimitable" character in the face of daunting experiences. 5 stars!
Writer's Digest, December 2014

Pamela Bauer Mueller has written another excellent historical novel, this time honoring a little-known patriot wife. Mueller did not have to invent an exciting life for her character. In her teens, Kitty met Benjamin Franklin. By the time she was thirty, Kitty dazzled many of the significant people of her day. She and her children were befriended by George and Martha Washington. Mueller has skillfully unveiled Lady Greene, the loving wife of a Revolutionary War hero. Yet to those who loved her in return, she always remained the irrepressible Kitty. Recommended by USR. 
Donna Ford, US Review of Books, December 2013

Reviews and Editorials for "Water To My Soul"

This historical novel enlivens the biography of Eliza Lucas Pinckney, the 18th century entrepreneur who pioneered indigo’s profitable cultivation on the Lowcountry plantations she ran as a mere 17-year-old. Appealing primarily to young adults, the engrossing tale offers a peek into Pinckney’s life through passages from her letters and journals while also reviving the atmosphere of daily existence in colonial Charles Towne.
Charleston Magazine Book Review, January 2012

How incredible that Eliza’s success in cultivating the indigo plant had such a huge impact on the lives of the early colonists!  In this truly readable novel, Ms. Mueller does an excellent job in giving the reader the feel of colonial Charles Town and its way of life during that time period.  If you are looking for a story that is educational, entertaining and  historical, I highly recommend Pamela Bauer Mueller’s “Water to My Soul.”
Kam Aures for Rebecca’s Reads, February 2012

Through her historical expertise, Ms. Mueller brings to life a woman on the cusp of revolution in the mid-1700’s and emphasizes the complexity of her role in colonial America.  In her fourth historical novel, she details the life of Eliza Lucas Pinckney as she meets the challenges of agriculture, economics, politics, and managing the family in her father's absence. Using excerpts from Eliza Pinckney's own journals, she chronicles her groundbreaking work growing indigo for dyes in the harsh Carolina climate, as well as her personal dramas. Pinckney did indeed have important roles in history, both for her part in creating an economy independent of the British and for mothering sons who served in the new government of the United States of America.  Photographs from the South Carolina Historical Society and other sources document the real people and places Mueller describes.
Sheila M. Trask for The US Review of Books February, 2012

A remarkable story done justice by Pamela Bauer Mueller. Water To My Soul is a fine addition to any historical fiction collection for all ages. 
Midwest Book Review, March 2012

In Water To My Soul, Ms. Bauer Mueller presents the life of Eliza Lucas Pinckney in vivid detail from early childhood until her senior years.  After reading the book, I felt as if I had known her personally.  She hit all the right notes! 
Jack F. Godfrey, Editor-Altamaha Echoes

What an excellent job of creating an appealing narrative of early colonists’ faith!  Pamela used her creative writing skills to lift up and love God; an answer to prayer.  She gave readers an interesting and inspiring picture of a very creative and tenacious eighteenth century pioneer, Eliza Lucas Pinckney.
Dr. E. Bruce Ellithorpe/Theologian

I just finished reading Water To My Soul: The Story of Eliza Lucas Pinckney and I want to recommend it to all lovers of the written word. The amount of research that went into this historical novel must have been massive indeed. The story takes place in South Carolina during the 1700's and covers America's fight for independence from Britain. The author reveals what the lives of the planter women, slaves and young military men were like during the early formation of our country. Eliza was a true pioneer in her persistence to contribute to the health and well-being of this land. It is also a love story and very warming. I am sure you will enjoy this historical novel as much as I did.
Pat Burke

I just finished devouring your Eliza story, re-reading many sections.  Water To My Soul was the best Christmas gift ever!!  Eliza was such a strong woman, yet our U.S. history held her in the background with little mention of her many contributions to our society.  Pamela is truly a wonderful conduit of this great woman and her story of constant determination in forming our country.  BRAVA! 
Irene Schultz 

I just finished reading Water To My Soul by Pamela Bauer Mueller. It is a wonderful story about the determination of a young woman set in the 1700's in South Carolina. The true story of her life is very compelling. The book is also a history lesson about the beginnings of the United States and the Charleston, SC area. It transported me to that place and time. I found it hard to stop reading when life required me to do other things. I highly recommend this to others.
Darlinda Guidry

A Meditation On Love And Faith

I expected a well-written weaving of history and fiction like in Ms. Bauer Mueller's previous
books "An Angry Drum Echoed", "Neptune's Honor", and "Splendid Isolation".  What really surprised me was the passionate but tender love story between Eliza and Charles Pinckney.
Ms. Bauer Mueller really captured the depth of their love and how it impacted the forming of
their family and later the birth of our nation. Their striving for virtue in a time of trouble reminded me of "To Kill A Mockingbird".  My only criticism: it was too short.  

Scott Nelson

Not only is it rich in dialogue that carries the story along, it is also an engaging "period piece" of our colonial history. This fascinating true-life drama, wonderfully fluid in its pace and written with warm and sensitive intelligence and attention to detail, draws us into Eliza’s personal journey in southern colonial America. As I came to the last pages of Water to My Soul, I felt appreciation for the sheer pleasure of reading it.  I highly recommend Pamela Bauer Mueller's Water To My Soul.
Meg Cunningham

Your new book is so wonderful!  I have read many books, notes etc speaking of Eliza Lucas Pinckney but yours has captured her entire life in such a beautiful manner.   
Johnie Rivers/historian

Water To My Soul is your best ever!  I LOVE it!  This book should really put you in another category as an historical novelist.  You amaze me that with your west coast origin via Mexico & Canada that you are able to capture the history & feelings of the south.
Louise Hooper

Eliza helps me have perspective on my own life. Her many loses remind me of my many blessings. Your writing has captured her beauty!
Kim Belt

I loved the triumphs and stories of Eliza's life. I marvel at how well she dealt with all of life's challenges and how she provides a wonderful perspective for how we should view our lives. Your knowledge and detail for that time in our country’s history is amazing. 
Cassandra Coveney

I am truly enjoying the new book, Water to My Soul.  I really appreciate your including her prayers: so heartfelt, human and loving. 
Patricia Duke

Eliza had to be a remarkable woman to pursue her dream and become interwoven in the fabric of our country’s history.  God has truly gifted you in your writing.  Your word pictures about His lovely world speak volumes about who you are and WHOSE you are! 
Eleanor Miller


Reviews and Editorials for "Splendid Isolation"

Ms. Bauer Mueller mastered her research to the point that she wove historical fact with ease into her story.  She is passionate about her subject, and this shows in the quality of her writing.  The novel provides an in-depth look into a place and time in American history.
Writer’s Digest, 2011.

A small private island off the coast of Georgia, developed by millionaires for the relaxation of millionaires, Jekyll Island stood as an unequalled retreat for the elite to escape from the pressures of business. Well-known tycoons such as the Astors, Rockefellers, Morgans, Pulitzers and Goodyears were among the many members of this exclusive Millionaires' Club. Each bought shares in the property allowing them and their families to reside in the apartments built for their use or to build separate "cottages." They came during the winter season to rest, fish, hunt and play. It was truly the first "pleasure island!"

This sanctuary became a union of the rich administrated over by a board of directors comprised of members. They were to oversee enforcement of the club rules and maintenance of the property. They hired a club superintendent to manage its day to day operation. The clubhouse became the focal point of the social and recreational activities and provided meals for the guests.

This is a non-fictional novel based on old articles and letters researched by the author. She has sectioned her book to read as memoirs through the eyes of four employees: the club superintendent, the club ship captain, a governess of the Macy family, and an employee of the Maurice family. This is not an expose of poor treatment of servants by their employers, but rather a vehicle to present a glimpse into the lives of these famous titans. We are treated to both their personal joys and tribulations in a way that humanizes them. We also become privy to the history that was made on the island such as the first transcontinental telephone call, the planning of the Federal Reserve Act, and President McKinley's visit to plan his 2nd election campaign. The contributions of these tycoons to industry and government were daunting.

I had not been aware of the existence of this island and found its history quite enlightening, but it was not the contribution to world finance and politics that was most fascinating to me. It was the relationship between these employers and their staff. There appeared to be open communication and interest in each others' lives as well as a mutual respect, quite a surprising revelation.
Enid Grabiner for RebeccasReads

The richest people in the world, through the eyes of the people whose paychecks they sign. Splendid Isolation: The Jekyll Island Millionaire's Club 1888-1942 tells the tale of four employees of an exclusive club of Jekyll's island, a Millionaire's club filled with names such as Morgan, Pulitzer, Vanderbilt, among many others. This island became so exclusive that it may have almost became a nation of its own. Splendid Isolation is a fine choice and intriguing reading using the characters of the great tycoons of a century ago.
Midwest Book Review

Jekyll Island is a small islet off the coast of Georgia, which between the years 1888 and 1942 was the site of an exclusive club and resort of America's wealthiest and powerful men. While Splendid Isolation could be the standard tale of princes and leisure, Mueller opens the history of this island by using employees of the grounds to narrate the tale of the rise and fall of the resort. A native of Georgia, Mueller's love for the state, its culture, and its peoples shine through and her easy, unrushed tone is soothing. She also proves that the men and women who populated the isolated retreat were more than their wealth: for example, the United States' Federal Reserve had its roots in secret meetings held on the island between members. Another plus is the description of the stunning scenery and wildlife preserved on the island. Though the fictionalized narrative form may make Splendid Isolation appear a bit trivial beside other non-fiction works on the island, Mueller's enthusiasm for Georgia history is infectious, and the book is an excellent purchase for those interested in the Gilded Age and in Georgia.
Angela Tate/Sacramento Book Review

Ms. Mueller has a clear, unpretentious prose style that is easy to read. Descriptions of the scenery can be lyrical: "Aproned by salt marshes and the sea, this ten-mile island is covered with stiletto-tipped palmetto groves, forests of pine and magnolia and deep-green stretches of sea grass. Its meandering roads are shaded by the gargantuan oaks whose twisted limbs seem frozen in a graceful, macabre dance.
Margaret Donsbach/Historical Novels Reviews

There’s no doubt Pamela will be in the running for Georgia Author of the Year in 2010 for her latest book, Splendid Isolation.  Pam spins an intriguing tale about the powerful financiers chasing the American entrepreneurial dream and then relaxing undisturbed, at their prestigious winter hideaway in Jekyll Island.  By blending fact with fiction, she brings history to life and turns the past into a dynamic place detailing how the island became an important player in world events.  This book will serve as a wonderful reminder of a lovely place that could have easily been called Camelot.”                                                                        Cary Knapp/librarian/Georgia’s Coastal Illustrated

"Splendid Isolation weaves a spell centered around the Jekyll Island of the late 1800's and early 1900's. You could call it "faction", a historical novel told from the perspective of the Jekyll Island Club employees, and how they perceived their employers - men like Rockefeller, Goodyear, Pulitzer and Morgan, who met on Jekyll Island every year for some down time from their empires. Their actions while on the island were instrumental in creating history - notably the Federal Reserve. A great read that will open your eyes to how actions from the past impact the future. One of the best Jekyll Island books on the list."
Richard Freeland/Suite 101

Splendid Isolation Offers Glimpse of America's Most Exclusive Club
In 1886 a group of men seeking privacy and an escape from city life, created a retreat off the coast of Georgia on Jekyll Island. Nothing's unusual about this except for the fact that these particular men were legendary business tycoons with surnames like Pulitzer, Rockefeller, and Vanderbilt. And, together, they controlled about a sixth of the world's wealth.

Their new retreat on one of Georgia's Golden Isles became known as the Jekyll Island Club. And much of the real story of what went on while America's first families of finance played golf, rode on horseback, and swam in the Atlantic can be found in the new historical novel by award-winning Georgia author Pamela Bauer Mueller, Splendid Isolation: The Jekyll Island Millionaires' Club 1888-1942.

Mueller's intriguing story is told from the point of view of four faithful workers who helped make the privileged Jekyll Island Club a gracious retreat: the club superintendent, a ship's captain, a governess, and one devoted family attendant.

Through meticulous research into letters, diaries, newspaper/magazine/internet articles, books, photo archives, and other sources-including interviews-Mueller discovered Jekyll Island characters who were as compelling as the millionaires themselves. "So I made the decision to write the book through their eyes," she explained. "By intertwining certain events with historical figures, and telling stories through the eyes of ladies and gentlemen who served them, I could give readers a peek into the past."

Spanning fifty-four years, from the Gilded Age to World War II, Splendid Isolation portrays the families of America's most powerful financiers hunting, playing tennis, and bicycling along the sea island's sand-packed roadways-or dining at the elegant Jekyll Island Hotel, frequenting the north beaches, and strolling under Spanish moss-draped trees.

Mueller deftly weaves believable dialogue into club history. Early in the novel, for example, Club Superintendent Ernest Gilbert Grob shares an account of Joseph Pulitzer and insurance magnate Henry Baldwin Hyde addressing a disreputable club member who escorted an unsuspecting young woman onto the island:

We all knew what was in store for this obviously miserable woman. While I was helping her settle into one of the guest rooms, Mr. Pulitzer and Mr. Hyde were talking to him.
(Mr. Pulitzer's) voice was slow and he spoke with jerky movements, shaking his head of thick auburn hair as he enunciated his words.
"Just know that we'll be keeping a very close watch on her while she's here, and furthermore"
"That won't be necessary, Joseph," the man interrupted.
"I believe that it will be, don't you Henry?" asked Mr. Pulitzer, turning to face Mr. Hyde.
"And I'll be in the background, always ready to assist, if need be, with the power of my press." Mr. Pulitzer continued, like a fox.
The man flinched. Everyone knew the power of Joseph Pulitzer's press.
"So tomorrow after breakfast I'll take your lovely wife for a walk on the beach or on a bicycle trip. Then my associates will plan other activities for her and introduce her to the women employees. You will see that she's always accompanied by one of us," offered Mr. Hyde. Then he added, as if it were an after-thought, "Naturally you can join us if you wish."
Not only did we never leave the woman alone with this member, we sat with her at all meals and made sure she was undisturbed at night. Some years later she wrote me a letter, thanking me for taking care of her."

In addition to the Jekyll Island Club's prestigious social status, the legendary hideaway also became an important player in history. The Club boasted visits from political dignitaries such as President William McKinley, for example, hosted a meeting that created the Federal Reserve Banking System, and played a role in the ceremonial opening of the first transcontinental telephone line across the United States.

"The real core of life in Jekyl [Jekyll] Island's great days was to be found in the men's after-dinner talks," wrote the daughter of Club President Dr. Walter B. James. "It was always of great things, of visions and developing. If they didn't have a map of the United States or World before them, they had a map of industrial or financial empires in their minds."

For readers who love biographies and historical fiction, those who enjoyed seeing the wealthy people on deck or watching the "real party" down in third class in the movie Titanic, or anyone who savors classic books that give readers a glimpse of real life behind the scenes, Mueller's Splendid Isolation is an entertaining read. Settle back, relax, look at the photos of times long gone by, and read the engaging tale of what was possibly America's most exclusive private club of all time.
Meg McLaughlin/Editor/Author

Liked the book very much. Very informative. I could tell that you researched considerably. Learned a lot about a neighboring island.
Attavia Facciolo/Coordinator - Amelia Island Book Festival

Our very own Pam Mueller has written a charming historical novel in Splendid Isolation: The Jekyll Island Millionaires' Club. I really enjoyed the vantage point of the different employees while they observed the elite of that time period. It's been my pleasure to sell this to several of our customers. Bravo, Pam!
Mary Jane Reed, G.J. Ford Bookstore Owner, St. Simons Island, GA

I absolutely loved the book! I think you have another hit!
Paddy Martin/reader

I read this book in less than 48 hours!!
Betty Gonzales/reader

Reviews and Editorials for "Aloha Crossing"

This middle reader/young adult novel gives children a better understanding of the challenges that sight-impaired people face.  Ms. Bauer Mueller does a fabulous job of making Aloha a loveable character without over humanizing her.  The story of Kimberly Louise and David is very sweet, and I grew to love this little family (and Diego too!).  The dialogue is appropriately simple for a young reader without "talking down."  That balance is hard to strike.
Writer's Digest

Gr 5-7-In this sequel to Hello, Goodbye, I Love You, guide dog Aloha is living happily with her partner, Kimberly Louise, on a small island off the Georgia coast.  Neither has forgotten Aloha's puppy-raiser, young Diego, and he is thrilled when they invite him to stay for a few weeks.  Unfortunately, his visit coincides with a hurricane hitting the island.  One snake bite, a lost-and-found Aloha, and lots of broken windows later, everyone lives happily ever after, with Kimberly Louise getting a marriage proposal in the bargain.  Readers who enjoyed Aloha's first adventure may come aboard for this second one.  A genuinely moving story.
School Library Journal, October 1, 2008.  Kathleen Kelly MacMillian, Carroll County Public Library, MD 

Aloha is a seeing-eye dog entrusted with the lifer of her master.  Aloha Crossing is the story of this incredible dog, who is prepared to travel any distance to do this.  The dog's determination rubs off on her owner, making Aloha Crossing a touching and inspiring tale, sure to please pet lovers everywhere. 
The Midwest Book Review, August 2008

Pamela Bauer Mueller's Aloha Crossing brought childhood memories flooding back to me.  This beautiful story will appeal to kids who like adventure stories.  The chapters devoted to a hurricane are frighteningly realistic!  Mueller’s description of the hurricane winds, rain, and the overall danger will keep kids turning the pages.  The story will also appeal to animal lovers, because Aloha is an amazing dog and will leave you with tears in your eyes.  (And wishing you could raise a guide dog.  I definitely did not go research raising a guide dog as soon as I closed the book.  Nope, definitely not. )  I think this book will inspire kids to get involved as puppy raisers, or at the least introduce them to the concept.   

I couldn’t put this book down.  I love that Mueller treats Aloha as a dog, only allowing us to see her through the eyes of the humans around her.  Diego, Mr. Mulligan, David, and of course Kimberly all share their thoughts about Aloha, which builds a clear picture of her.  

This is a great book for middle grade readers, boys and girls alike.  I know it will hook them, and it will serve as a great introduction to living life as a blind person (especially someone who lost their sight late in life).  Blindness isn’t dealt with in a lot of middle grade books, and Mueller does a great job of writing an action-packed, dog-filled story that also teaches kids about tolerance and diversity.  This is a small press book, and I would love to see it get some wider recognition, because it really touches on a lot of ideas and themes that middle grade novels don’t seem to focus on.
The Reading Zone, November 2008 

Reviews and Editorials for "An Angry Drum Echoed"

Mueller fleshes out the life of Mary Musgrove, the diplomat and businesswoman whose bicultural expertise smoothed the way for peaceful establishment of the Georgia colony in 1733.  This fictionalized biography will be appreciated by teen and adult readers with a strong interest in Georgia history, especially those who prefer a gentle read with uncomplicated characters and a straightforward plot.
Vanessa Cowle, Forsyth County Public Library, Georgia Library Quarterly, Volume 45, Issue 1.

The reader gets to know what an amazing person Mary Musgrove was, discovering what a vital role she played in the development of Georgia.  I read it this summer and passed it onto a cabin full of 12 year old summer campers.  Those girls really enjoyed it!
Hawk Hurst, author of The Story of the First and The Way of the Forest

This is an exemplary work of historical fiction.  The writing demonstrates not only extensive research but mastery of it, to the degree that Ms. Mueller has woven it seamlessly into her narrative.  She invents a compelling and credible narrative voice for her protagonist, Mary Musgrove—a pivotal figure in Georgia’s early history.  She fills her pages with rich detail that adds verisimilitude to her narrative: descriptions of Creek ceremonies and belief systems, details of everyday life, colonial towns, colonists’ and Native Americans’ dress, etc.  Ms. Mueller creates for her reader an entire new world.
Writer’s Digest, 2011.

The careful description of the Creek culture and the accounts of the difficulties of the early settlements provide a wealth of information about the life of a remarkable woman and the beginning of a new nation.
Arnco Sargent Elementary School Grade Level GPS books

I am writing to tell you that I absolutely loved An Angry Drum Echoed.  I admire Mary Musgrove so much! I went to Savannah for the day and I felt I knew James Oglethorpe and his love and dream for that city.  Then I bought Neptune's Honor.  Our St. Simons condo is right across from Neptune Park and I now feel I know him and his touching story.  What an amazing person he was!  Both books have made my visit to St. Simons and Savannah come alive with history.  Thank you, Pamela for researching and writing these books.
Barbara Parke, Historical Fiction advocate, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Mary Musgrove practically leaps off the page and demands equal rights.  I also found the settlers and Native Americans fairly depicted and fully realized.  Your eye for historical detail is precise and thorough.  An engrossing and entertaining read, as well as an important piece of history that deserves to be explored.  I couldn't put it down, and wouldn't hesitate to give it to young girls looking for a role model.
Writer's Digest

"Georgia's own Pocahontas" helped settlers and Native Americans get along in peace. Especially good for middle and older readers.
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Readers may have little background knowledge of this woman and the times in which she lived, but the careful description of the Creek culture and the accounts of the difficulties of the early settlements provide a wealth of information about the life of a remarkable woman and the beginning of a new nation.  Recommended for junior/senior high school students.
Janis Flint-Ferguson, Assoc. Prof., English, Gordon College, Wenham, MA/KLIATT

I was delighted to make the acquaintance of Mary Musgrove, such a clever and resourceful woman so important to the history of Georgia.  In An Angry Drum Echoed, the reader will find that battles and politics make way for the heart and soul.  This lyrical novel gives a vivid picture of the difficulties the colonists and the natives faced in carving out a living from the swamps, forests and savannahs.  It is rich with description that doesn't slow its pace.
Anne Lovette, Georgia Writers Association

Ms. Mueller has narrated An Angry Drum Echoed in the first person, transporting the reader to Mary Musgrove's time and location.  The author carefully researched historical details, providing information most history textbooks are not equipped to include.  Illustrations of General Oglethorpe, Chief Tomochichi and his nephew are followed by a map of St. Simons Island in 1742 and plans for the development of Savannah, Georgia.  Ms. Mueller also provides a useful list of sources and glossary terms.  This story commemorates Mary's commitment to both Indian and English interest.
KaaVonia Hinton/Foreword Magazine

Ms. Mueller's latest book is historical fiction and it's another winner.  She brings history to life in this fascinating book and her writing style is clear and concise, making it appropriate for all ages.  Pamela has a knack for taking her readers to those historical times that everyone has heard about but really knows very little.  An Angry Drum Echoed is a long overdue look at one of the greatest women in Georgia's history. 
Cary Knapp, Georgia's Coastal Illustrated

A lynchpin figure of the burgeoning Georgia colony during the 1700s, Mary Musgrove applied her influence with Indian tribes to encourage the chiefs to meet with General Oglethorpe in the Savannah, leading to the peaceful establishment of an English colony in Indian territory. Yet despite being held in high regard by English settlers as surely as Native Americans, she became an antagonist of the newly formed colonial government. After ten years of serving as an unpaid diplomat and interpreter, she led her Creek tribesmen in a march through the streets of Savannah in search of justice. This is a fascinating dramatization of a truly remarkable and strong-willed woman's life, recommended for readers of all ages.
Midwest Book Review, December 2006

Mary Musgrove, known to the Creek Indians as Coosaponakeesa, was the daughter of a Creek princess and an English colonist.  Raised in both cultures during the early 18th century, she assisted the English as  a translator and ambassador to the Native Americans living in now what is Savannah and Coastal Georgia.  Mary's childhood and young adulthood are vividly described, and Mueller provides an excellent description of tension between the Creek and English cultures.  Young readers will particularly appreciate the first-person descriptions of Mary's education and her transformation from a shy child to confident young woman.  As Mary matures, she adapts to English ways, yet retains the faith and values of her native culture.  Her life is characterized by the balance between native and colonial, and both cultures sustain her in different ways.

Life during colonial times, particularly in rural areas of the southeastern United States was difficult;  colonist faced a number of challenges, most notably disease and miscommunication with the native tribes living in the area.  Mueller doesn't gloss over these challenges, and readers will be inspired by Mary's resilience in the face of personal and professional loss.

This is a quick and interesting read for junior high and high school-age students that covers and area of history that isn't commonly taught in school.
Nanette Donohue/Historical Novels Review

Pamela Bauer Mueller has once again delivered a well-researched historical novel brimming with emotion.  Reading An Angry Drum Echoed became more than a means to learn history; it is a way to actually experience it.
Jeff Hoffman, Golden Isles Weekend, Issue 392

I just finished Angry Drum and really loved it. The ending was written perfectly. It grabbed my emotions the way even historical fiction should. I tip my hat to you for a job well done. One of our staff members believes Neptune's Honor should be made into a movie. I agree.                         Cindy Hensley, Media Specialist, Stephens County Middle School

I just finished reading An Angry Drum Echoed and felt compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed it.   What an amazing woman Mary Musgrove was, and I’m thankful to you for telling her story.  It was one of those books that you hate to have to put down, look forward to having the opportunity to get back to reading it, and miss it when you have finished.  Thanks again for a great book. 
Ruth Reece

An Angry Drum Echoed is truly wonderful, and I got lost in the story.  You are walking with the best.
Linda Figueroa

May your heart, mind and fingers continue to write books that will make history come alive in the minds and hearts of so many!
Eleanor Miller

Your choice of Mary Musgrove was truly a gift to all of us 21st century readers:  what a wonderful heroine she was.  With all your research your brought the early 1700's alive!  You didn't fail us.
Polly/A fan from Bend, Oregon

After losing myself thoroughly in this exciting adventure into Georgia's past, my only disappointment is in having to return to reality.  The story of Mary Musgrove is one of strength and faith as we follow her amazing life from her early youth with her mother's people to her successful attempt to learn of and live in her English father's world.  All who read this will, I'm sure, join me in thanking Pamela Bauer Mueller for saving such an important piece of history that was nearly lost to us all.
Barbara Wadsworth-Sterling, GA

Reviews and Editorials for "Neptune's Honor"

Neptune's Honor is a wonderful story, even more so because it's based on history.  Fascinating and compelling, Ms. Mueller did the time period justice.  This title has plenty of conflict, accurate dialect and an interesting hook.

Writer's Digest 2006


This readable novel, based on a real person from the Georgia Sea Islands, tells the story of the inseparable friendship of a child slave and the plantation family's oldest son, showing how the Civil War changed the plantation culture in the South. 

School Library Journal  March 2005


The lyrics/poetry was a beautiful addition to this sweet book.  The story is interesting and the writer's ability to tell the story is very good.  Bringing attention to this story makes it an important book as a resource.  A lovely story and a wonderful cover.

Diane LaVigne, Indian Life & Style Magazine


An Inspiring Read for all Ages

Pamela Mueller writes the story of Neptune Small with determined detail and accuracy.  Neptune's dialogue is written exactly as he would have spoken and adds greatly to the experience of reading about his life.   

Parents who want their children to learn about slavery will find Mueller's treatment of the subject moving and insightful.  Neptune's Honor is a fascinating read for children and adults alike, allowing the reader the opportunity to ponder long afterward the profound themes illustrated in the book.

Miriam Austin, The Dahlonega Nugget


Neptune's Honor: A Story of Loyalty and Love by Pamela Bauer Mueller is entrancing!  It shows a side of the slave population not often found.  Some plantation owners did treat their “pp le”kindly and with respect.  It also touched briefly upon the cruelty being displayed just around the bend, and the doubt that even the well-treated slaves felt toward being freed.  By the 3rd chapter I was truly hooked, wanting to know how it all turned out.  I felt like I was right there with Neptune and the King family throughout their lives.  I found this novel well written and a very moving read.

Aline de Chevigny, In the Library Reviews, March 18, 2005

This respectful story of two true-life coastal Georgia charcters - a slave and his master - centers on loyalty and duty.
The Historical Novels Review, Spring 2005

This is a beautiful buddy story at it's heart, made only more touching and convincing for the true story behind it.  The writing is lyrical and touching, and compliments the heartfelt nature of the story and many touching events that occur.  Also, a wonderful sense of place is created, including the time period.  The setting is very transportive and will suck every reader in.

14th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards                                         

Neptunes memory is truly honored with this portrayal of his significant life.  Pamela Mueller did considerable research to learn what life circumstances led to the intense bonding of Neptune Small and Henry Lord King. The reader becomes an active participant in their boyhood adventures growing up on the plantation, learning to hunt, crab, fish, swim, ride horses and boat around the island. We watch as their lives of slave and master become intertwined through mutual experiences and family events.

Ms. Muellers writing style is influenced by historical fiction exemplar, Eugenia Price, accurate in fact and alive with detail of scene and character. We hear rhythmic slave spirituals and work songs alongside bagpipes and flute. We taste and smell the cooking of the old south. The bountiful nature of island fauna and flora springs to life with her rich descriptions. Mueller has enlivened dialogue by including original Gullah-Geechee “black-speak” dialect made famous in the colorful language of Uncle Remus tales.

Teachers of middle and high school students along the Georgia coast may want to consider making Neptune's Honor required reading. There is a wealth of learning material here, backed with additional references, to promote lively topic discussion and essay.
Jeff Hoffman, Golden Isles Weekend, Issue 370

Neptune's Honor is a wonderful book for both children and adults. It has great appeal for those interested in local (Georgia) history as well as the antebellum and Civil War period.
Lynne Thomas, Jekyll's Golden Islander,  Volume 33, number 24

This beautiful story of devoted friendship, based on the history of this area, appeals to readers of all ages.
Cary Knapp, Georgia's Coastal Illustrated, Volume XXX

Pamela's historical novel about the slave Neptune Small captures many historical facts while weaving an interesting tale that keeps the reader entranced. 
Krista Harris, The Brunswick News

Neptune's Honor reads like a diary with excerpts about life in general but more specifically about the relationship between Henry Lord Page King and Neptune Small. Pamela has succeeded in filling in the missing gaps about Neptune's life and his contribution to our local history in her usual style: with warmth and intelligence.
Wendy Beeker, The Islander

As a descendant of Neptune Small and a student of coastal Georgia history, I'm delighted that a story has been written in honor of my great-great grandfather's heroism. Neptune's Honor touched me deeply. I felt as though I were there with Neptune, experiencing his life, hearing the subtle billowing of the Atlantic, smelling musty earth odors of the island marshes and feeling the ocean breezes as they blew on Neptune's St. Simons Island. While Neptune's Honor is a very touching and powerful story of love, loyalty and honor, it is based on the life of a privileged slave, and in no way represents the level of intense bondage and deprivation endured by the vast majority of my enslaved ancestors.
William Bernard Barnes Jr., Great-great grandson of Neptune Small

I just finished Neptune's Honor and absolutely loved it!! You presented a side to slavery that, normally, only southerners understand.                                                                 Cindy Hensley, Media specialist, Stephens County Middle School

Neptune's Honor is a moving tale for all ages, and is based on a true story! Neptune comes to life as he exemplifies the real essence of the human experience through endurance, commitment, bravery, devotion and, most of all, HONOR! This story of bondage, courage and ultimate freedom in the plantation south is told with great passion, energy, accuracy and wonderful readability.
Buddy Sullivan, Coastal Georgia Historian/Award Winning Author

Lovingly and meticulously crafted, Neptune's Honor captures a compelling history of the old South, a love of family, and the dignity and humanity of a remarkable man in this sweeping story of two cultures that shared a special bond. Pamela Bauer Mueller has brought to life these troubled times with a richness of detail and depth of character that lends a real sense of time and place.
Victor DiGenti/Author of Windrusher and Windrusher and the Cave of Tho-hoth

You did an amazing job with this book!  You treated the subject of slavery without attacking it, but showing the trap that the planters and the slaves were caught in.  You handled the language very well, by making it understandable, but also gave the slaves a certain amount of dignity some authors never understand. 
Elizabeth Reynolds/South Carolina Historian

I really value how you have handled a potentially volatile situation (slavery) in a tender way. It is not sensationalized, yet it also doesn't avoid the dilemma that Southerners faced with their “people.” I would have loved to have known Anna and Neptune!
Kim Belt/Former Educator/St. Simons Island, GA

My son loved Mueller's children's books, so I am delighted that she has written a historical novel for those of us who are older.  Besides the history, the story also gives one quite a feel for the nature of the nature of the Georgia Coast.                                                               A reader from Ontario, Canada  

Neptune's Honor is a treasure just waiting to be discovered. It opens another door of understanding about the history, struggles, and lives of African American people. It is unique in that it can be read and appreciated by all ages and all people.
Lee Hooper/Reader/Dallas TX GA

The nicest gift I received for Christmas was your latest book. I have read it twice—what a beautiful love story! The people of St. Simons owe you a debt of gratitude. Your many hours of painstaking research certainly paid off in a beautiful story of the South reeling in agony during the Civil War.
Polly Perkins/Reader/Bend, OR

I wanted to thank you for writing Neptune's Honor. We've shared this story with every friend who has visited and always longed for a book with the complete story, perhaps even told from Neptune's perspective. Now you've written it! Each time I share stories with friends about the plantations on this island and the way slaves were respected here, with some exceptions, I feel the urgency to remind them and myself that this in no way made slavery right. But it is a reminder that because situations and relationships can be very complicated, we need to be slow to judge without seeing a more complete picture. Thank you for being careful to present this thought respecting the feelings of all.
Mary Lou Farmer/St. Simons Island, GA

Congratulations on your wonderful story! It adds to the love and intrigue of St. Simons Island.
Nancy Allen/Crafter/Tybee Island, GA

This book is wonderful and a joy to read! A great story, and told with warmth and creativity by you. Knowing so much of the history that I do, I am impressed with your dedication to the historical facts that give structure to the story. I know how much you tried to be faithful to what information there is out there.

I am also impressed that as a stranger and perhaps even (gasp) a Yankee, you told this historical slave story from the human side that reflects the reality of people living among people, black and white, all together on this island.
Edwin MacKethan III/Author and Editor/St. Simons Island

You have done an outstanding job of putting a slant on the subject of love and loyalty in a setting where few have ever understood the relationship of slave and owner. Although the subject of slavery is a difficult one, this book shows a side of humanity that did exist even under those conditions because not all owners were self serving and abusive. And not all slaves allowed even the most abusive owners to intimidate them, the character “Tigerhead” being an example.
Evelyn Kennedy/Educator/Statesboro, GA

Neptune's Honor was a great read. I pray that we all should have friendships as strong as your characters.
A.J. Legault

Pamela Bauer Mueller has cast a spell on the Retreat Plantation, and took us back in time. Now this area is more precious each time I drive by it.
Amy Hedrick/Columnist/Writer/St. Simons Island, GA

Thank you for the book on Neptune Small. I was fortunate to have known some of his decedents (now dead) and I know they would be pleased. It is very readable and at the same time factual. Thank you for a book long over due.
Mary Waite/ reader/ St. Simons Island

This was a story that needed to be told, and I think Neptune would also agree that you have done him justice in the telling of it!  I enjoyed hearing his story as well as re-meeting old friends from Eugenia Price books set on St. Simons Island.  Keep on writing! 
Anne Amerson/reader/Dahlonega, GA

This very well written book lets you imagine the events happening right in front of your eyes. It taught me a lot about slavery and life. It shows you the value of a true friend. This book is really worth reading!” 
Pamela McKamey/High school student/St. Simons Island, GA

Reviews and Editorials for "Hello, Goodbye, I Love You"

This book does an excellent job of explaining the process of training guide-dog puppies, a topic that will fascinate many children. The moving scenario will have readers sniffling as Diego passes Aloha's leash to Miss Kimberly Louise, and may even lead them to consult the appended list of resources to find out about raising their own guide-dog puppies.
School Library Journal


Heartwarming story about raising and training dogs for the blind. Chapters alternate between twelve-year-old Diego, who is raising a guide dog, and a newly blind woman who will eventually become the dog’s partner. Inspiring read for pet lovers of all ages, exploring unconditional love, attachment and loss.
Leanne's Book Corner


Hello, Goodbye, I Love You is touching and inspiring.  The reader will not only come away with a keen understanding of guide dogs and what it takes to raise them, but will also appreciate this heartwarming, sweet story.  Kimberly Louise inspires readers with her courage.

Writer's Digest 2006

Finely-crafted and compelling, this novel consists of alternating chapters focused on a preteen puppyraiser and his dog Aloha and the middle-aged newly blind woman who would eventually become Aloha's partner. Besides the fact that this book is such a good "read", this novel is a really accurate look at the fun, discipline, and emotional impact of puppy raising.
Sally Rosenthal, Bay Region Barker, July 2004 Vol. 6, Issue 7

What a book! Ms. Mueller has captivated all the emotions from all of us who play a part in a guide dog's life.
Michael Hingson, National Public Affairs Representative, Guide Dogs for the Blind

"The heartbreak of letting go, and the joys of little miracles fill the pages of this compassionate true story, which is especially recommended reading for dog lovers.
Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch, Volume 2, Number 9 September 2003.

Attachment, dreams, unconditional love, and loss permeate the thrilling pages for pet lovers, children and adults.
Mindquest, Fall, 2003 Edition

What an amazing story of why we puppy raisers do what we do!  I cannot tell you how much of your book helped me through a hard weekend after we took our puppy Helen back to campus.  I wish I could give your book to every person who says, "How can you give them up?"  We remind ourselves that this is bigger than keeping our beloved puppy.
Tami Firenzi, Puppy Raiser, San Rafael, CA

"A heart-warming story of the raising of a guide dog puppy, and the simultaneous preparation of the newly-blinded woman she will serve. Mrs. Mueller has obviously done her research, as her characters and the events in which they participated are rooted in reality. As a blind handler of a guide dog, I appreciate how this story is told: Mrs. Mueller gives lots of depth and personality to her characters, and introduces them without pity or sentimentality. A must read for anyone who loves dogs, and appreciates the ways they can be trained to serve. Anyone who enjoys realistic fiction with striking movement and character development will be glad they've found this wonderful book!”
Susan Blandina Jones, Sight-impaired reader

"The sweetness of this book comes through on every page. Pamela Bauer Mueller has hit all the right notes in a story that informs as well as entertains.
Cary Knapp, Columnist/Librarian, Brunswick, GA

"The book, Hello, Goodbye, I Love You not only tells a delightful story, but is touchingly entertaining....and informative! Pamela Bauer Mueller shares her great love for animals and the contributions they make to mankind."
Dr. Jon Traer, M.D., Townsend, GA

"I just finished reading Hello, Goodbye, I Love You, and I can't tell you how proud and pleased I am to be associated with this book. It really came together beautifully."
Pamela Pollack, Former Editor-Random House, NY

"Hello, Goodbye, I Love You is a lovely and charming account of what it is like to raise a guide dog puppy and the bittersweet emotions associated with loving them and then letting go. I know your book will touch many hearts and inspire young adults to reach out in their communities."
Lori Mogan, Guide Dogs for the Blind, San Rafael, CA

"I am the recipient of the new book, Hello, Goodbye, I Love You, which is a sheer delight! I read it cover to cover, putting all else aside. Many, many kudos to Ms. Bauer Mueller. Keep the stories coming!"
Dorothy Robohm (95 years young), Columbus, OH

"On your website, I discovered the sample chapter to Hello, Goodbye, I Love You. It made me cry, and want to own the book! I've never thought enough about how the people who raise dog guides must feel when the time comes for them to go separate ways, breaking at least part of their bond."
Lauren Merryfield, sight-impaired editor/;publisher, Catlines, WA

What a fantastic book! It is well written with excellent pacing and makes a fascinating story. Ms. Bauer Mueller truly paints a poignant portrait of the love that goes into training one of those special needs dogs.
Georgeanne Irvine, Public Relations, San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA

Hello, Goodbye, I Love You is a wonderful book. The story is captivating with intricate details making it funny, sweet, heart tugging, and precious. From the day Diego receives Aloha to the end of the story you are truly touched. Your eyes will be opened to the amazing miracles dogs can be for the trainer as well as for the recipient of the guide dog.
Virginia Belt, Glynn Academy High, St. Simons Island, GA--14 years old

What a sweet and moving book. It accurately represents the joy and pain of raising a guide dog puppy. The book should come with a warning that you will need tissues to soak up the tears of joy!
Richard Sadowsky, Guide Puppy Raiser, Beaverton, OR

Ms. Bauer Mueller has put the details of raising and training dogs for the blind into a tender story about the people touched by the dog, and, in time, by each other. It's a great book for anyone grammar school age and up. It should be required reading for all Lions Club members.
Tommy Jenkins, Author/Past Golden Isles Lions Club President, St. Simons Island, GA

I just finished reading Hello, Goodbye, I Love You and am still glowing from the warmth of it.  The author has done an impressive job of getting the readers involved in the emotions she portrays. I can hardly wait for the next one!
Bobbie Cassidy, Retired Educator/U.S. Customs Supervisory Inspector, San Diego, CA

Hello, Goodbye, I Love You is a heartwarming story which depicts a love journey between a puppy raiser, a guide puppy trainer and a visually impaired woman, and how they become one."
Patrick J. Pignataro, Past Lions Club District Governor, GA

Hello, Goodbye, I Love You is the best book I've ever read!  The catastrophic events make it very interesting, but my favorite thing about it is that the reader can almost feel the love through the author's words.
An Anonymous Fan

This book allows children to read and grow in the understanding of what it means to see this dog aiding a handicapped person. How exciting that we should see someone expanding our children's world with this knowledge in a heartfelt, emotional way that only love can explain.
Sharlene R. Merkle, Retired Teacher, Grades 1-8, St. Marys, GA

Reviews and Editorials for "The Kiska Trilogy"

"I just received The Bumpedy Road in the mail and it looks beautiful. Great job finding Naomi Weiler. Her lively illustrations really complement the story. You've been on your own bumpedy road getting here, but it was well worth it. I wish you best of success with your book! Pamela Pollack"
Pamela Pollack, former editor, Random House Congratulations!

"I love the new book!!!!! The story is compelling and great for kids and adults. I'm so very proud of both of you!"
Georgeanne Irvine, children's book author and San Diego Zoo public relations spokesperson.

"WOW! What an amazing book! It made me giggle at times and other times I was reaching for the Kleenex box! I can't wait for Rain City Cats! I now understand why my cats did the crazy things they did. Kiska explains really well the ups and downs of life through her eyes. It is a great book for both kids and adults. And check out those pictures! Great job Naomi with the pictures. They really capture those precocious kitties! Kiska, thanks for your contribution to kid's literature. Meow!"
As reviewed on Shannon Stewart from Ottawa, Canada

"The new book is the cat's meow. Pamela Bauer Mueller and Kiska have written the p-u-r-r-fect book!"
Marisa Babic - Staff Reporter, Now Community Newspaper

"I have read The Kiska Trilogy and love it. I teach sixth grade and my students can learn a lot about compassion from the animals in these three books. The way the cats care about one another and their kindness and consideration is a beautiful example for children everywhere. If only I could convince my students to treat one another in this manner, it would be quite an accomplishment. Also, the way the cats are treated by their mistress and masters provides a marvelous role model for the children. Thank you for these wonderful books."
Suzi Hassel, M.Ed., Needwood Middle School, GA

"In an increasingly transient population, children find comfort in reading The Kiska Trilogy. Learning to adjust to a new school, or even a new culture, is becoming more and more commonplace for children. As a media specialist, I recommend The Kiska Trilogy to all students, but especially to those who could use a little 'bibliotherapy' in adjusting to a new place to call home."
Lydia Brantley, Media Specialist, St. Simons Elementary School, GA

"The Kiska Trilogy is truly a valuable experience for children adjusting to change in family, location and life-style. Understanding a family's journey from Mexico to Canada to Georgia, seen through the eyes of a very well educated cat, will help children face life's challenges. I highly recommend all three books of The Kiska Trilogy."
Marian Stevens, Retired Librarian, Brunswick High School, GA

"There's a delightful children's writer in our own backyard! "Eight Paws to Georgia," Pamela Bauer Mueller's last book, tells the story of Kiska's final years. The reader follows Kiska from Vancouver, British Columbia to St. Simons Island, Georgia, in a sweet and sad tale that beautifully celebrates her life."
Cary Knapp, Book Nook, The Brunswick News, November 10, 2001

"Eight Paws to Georgia," the newest book in The Kiska Trilogy, has just been published by Pinata Publications, to the delight of cat lovers of all ages! Beachview Books' resident cat Daisy gives "Eight Paws to Georgia" four paws up, and highly recommends it." 
The Golden Isles Weekend, October 26, 2001

"Eight Paws to Georgia" is just wonderful. I made the mistake of reading it at work; couldn't put it down to do any work and boy, those tissues came in handy. Thanks, wonderful Kiska, for your beautiful stories. I felt like I was right there with you. You are missed, but not forgotten."
Marcy King - Oroville, WA

"I like your books. Thanks for autographing my second book. Kiska is still my best friend."
Clover - Portland, OR

"Pamela Bauer Mueller has a special gift in communicating the feelings and emotions of both humans and animals through the written word in a very unique and loving way. Her insight in expressing the personal loss of a loving family pet through the words of her beloved Kiska made this little book a fitting tribute to the final saga of The Kiska Trilogy."
Herbert Porter - Ferndale, WA

"A St. Simons author is using the life of her cat to help children understand changes in life."
Shaundra L. Lee, Staff Reporter, The Brunswick News, October 2001

"This is a wonderfully warm story for young and old. Kiska teaches us what love can do if we give our animals the respect and adoration they deserve. I can't wait to read this story to my grandchild and know that we have shared something very special."
Eleanor Livingstone - Surrey, British Colunbia, Canada

"Pamela Bauer Mueller understands cats better than anyone I know. I loved Kiska's first book, "The Bumpedy Road, " which made me cry with pleasure! The second part of the trilogy has a little more cat philosophy, which we can all benefit from."
Wendy Bauer - San Francisco, CA

"The very descriptive writing captures my interest and paints a beautiful picture in my mind. I really love the book. I hope there are more to come!"
Clara Baker - Portland, OR (age 9 years)

"I just finished your books, Kiska. They are wonderful. I have four cats of my own and they enjoyed the books too."
Louise - Toronto, Canada

"I think your books are great. I met Kiska at my school. She is beautiful."
Miranda Thomas - Bellingham, WA

"Congratulations on your books. You and your family must be very proud. Your little treasure memorabilia."
Mellie Hansen - San Diego, CA

"I know my grandchildren will love the books when they receive them at Christmas. Life through the eyes of a cat is a very compelling story. I am looking forward to your next one."
Betty Robinson - Ontario, Canada

"I laughed and cried, but most of all was lifted with hope for the future in this endearing story."
Judy Hinson - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"I believe all children can find this book interesting as well as useful to relate to some difficult circumstances in their lives. Mostly the book is humorous, realistic, and a great adventure detailing how a cat really thinks and what a cat would like to communicate to us."
Cassandra Coveney - St. Paul, MN

"This book is not only dear to my heart, but I believe it will become dear to the heart of anyone who loves cats. What a wonderful multicultural book to read as a family!"
Ticiana Gordillo - Portland, OR

"Wow! What an amazing book! It made me giggle at times and other times I was reaching for the Kleenex box! Kiska explains really well the ups and down of life, through her eyes. It is a great book for both kids and adults. Kiska, thanks for your contribution to kids' literature. Meow!"
Shannon Stewart - Ottawa, Canada

"I devoured "The Bumpedy Road." I loved it! I can't wait for the sequel!"
Annie Davis - Santa Monica, CA (age 11 years)



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