Sample Chapter From "Rain City Cats"
Chapter 1 - Where Am I?

Where am I? It's an odd feeling for a cat to be disoriented, but I am. How many hours ago was I let outside to explore this new place? And where are they? I'm very confused, and a bit frightened, which is also an unusual situation to find myself in.

      The sun is going down and the cool night air is settling around me, so I know I've been here many hours. Where are the Mistress and Miss Ticiana? I am huddled under a bush looking at what I think is our new house, but I'm not sure. I do not recognize anything around me. I've never been here before! This is truly disturbing, and I am losing my patience.

      Just yesterday I was hiding under the bed, listening to the noisy strangers unloading furniture, unpacking boxes and disrupting my peace. The Mistress and Miss Ticiana were far too busy to look out for my comforts, but hearing their voices calmed me somewhat, enough to nap throughout the day. Come to think of it, I didn't eat until late afternoon, when I finally crawled out to investigate the silence. It was then that Miss Ticiana scooped me up in her arms and asked me if I liked our new house.

      How did she expect me to respond? I was hungry, annoyed that I'd been ignored all day, and feeling isolated from everything I knew. I did much prefer this large space to the car trip, however. Even yesterday they had me in the car, bringing me from the hotel room (which I'd grown to appreciate) to this large house, which I've been told is our new home. I did notice that it smelled wonderfully of pine trees, fresh running water, and bird sanctuary, but as yet I had not ventured outdoors.

Rain City Cats Sample Image From Chapter 1      Now I hear the approach of two dogs and I crouch lower into the bushes. They smell my presence, but are playing with a young boy so I won't be bothered. From the empty feeling in my stomach, I think I've been outside too many hours. My family would never do this to me. I fear something has happened to them! Cats don't usually worry, because we are in control of our situations, but I'm worrying now.

      I've lost concept of time this summer. How long ago did the Mistress, Mr. Mike and I leave San Diego in her cramped convertible? What a trip that was! I meowed and fussed the entire trip until I grew hoarse. We made stops along the way to visit relatives, so I had some breaks, but I was happy to reach our destination. From listening to conversations I realized we were moving to Canada, where the Mistress was relocating for her government job. Was that a month ago?

       I closed my eyes and longed for the comfort and warmth of our hotel room, where we had been living for about a month. Each day the Mistress went to work, but soon returned to pamper and love me. It was just the two of us, and I received my worthy attention. Then Miss Ticiana arrived, and she attended me while her mother was working. Everything was going so well until yesterday, when I was packed into my carrier and driven here. Even last night I snuggled under the covers with Miss Ticiana, and thought all would be well. But now I'm alone, worried, and wondering what has happened to my beloved family.

      I will imagine drawing a white circle around them to keep them safe. That thought comforts me. Now I think I will try to take a short nap, which will conserve my energy and allow me to dream.

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